Hi all,
I am looking for a bag that I found online. I happened to come across it whilst browsing for a new bag and I have fallen in love with it!

Itís a "Miss Sixty's overbody butterfly bag", and because itís from last years range I donít seem to be able to buy it from anywhere. From my looking around it seems the only place that ever sold it was asos, but they donít have it in stock anymore.

I donít believe it is impossible to get hold off, just going to be hard and hence I have come here hoping you guys can advise me and direct me. i have tried ebay as well.

If you do a search for it in any search engine you will find it.
Also if you know of any similar designs you could tell me about that would be great too. (i like butterflies!)
However that bag is the one i want and wonít give up on it so please help....