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    Default Re: Gucci Handbag: Please help authenticate purse!

    The one on ebay is listed in an ebay store. It isn't an auction-style listing, so who knows how long it has been sitting there. My guess is that the seller bought it at an outlet store during a sale specifically for resale. They got it at a decent discount, so they can list it for a little less that what the suggested retail is and still make money if they sell it. Since it is an ebay store, the seller isn't likely in a hurry. They aren't being charged a listing fee for a 7 day auction like the typical ebay seller would be. I did a completed listing search, but did not find any that were actually sold. What something is listed at on ebay and what price range actually sells are completely different things.

    If you want to try to get more than half of what you paid, a consignment shop might be a better bet. You would need to look around though. Ann's Fabulous Finds, for example, has a sliding scale fee that is not bad if you're selling a very expensive item. It isn't so great for stuff $500 or less though (they keep 40%). Yoogi's Closet is 30% across the board, but they won't take anything that is less that $450. I think Real Deal has a 30% commission fee too. Do you have any local consignment shops?

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    Default Please help authenticate this Gucci Charlotte Medium Hobo Bag

    Please help to authenticate this Gucci Chocolate Brown Leather Charlotte Medium Hobo Bag
    The owner said it is 5 years old.
    The buckle is stamped 'GUCCI'
    The large 'G' at the base of the handle strap is NOT stamped
    The following numbers are located under the leather logo below the zipper:

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