I recieved a Gucci bag as a gift, at least I was told it was Gucci. I dont have any pics so I will do my best to describe it. Its small bag, reminds me of a satchels. Leather handles. the bottom of the handles get bigger and on one side of the handles, its jeweled. Well.. not exactly jewelled, but the patter is like, a flower, there are some shiny silver looking i guess buttons? studs! On it, an some bigger brass ones. The body of the purse looks paneled. There's the 'G' logo, and 2 panels that look like off white snake skin and the bottom left has a white panel that has G's on it, some of the G's are back to back. The bottom of the purse is leather. The bottom right of the purse hs a black panel that has these bumps, almost like braille on it. There is 1 small circular zip pocket on each side, and a little button lock that goes over part of the zipper. On the back of the purse is all 'G' and a small cell phone pocket. The inside is black fabric, thin. There is a zippered pocket that cuts the insdie of the purse in half length wise (hot dog). On one side, is a long zippered pocket sewn into the material, on the other side are 3 layered pockets, anext to a bigger pocket. Oh! The leather looks textured and feels textured, it almost looks like scales. On the back of the handles are tose little braille bumps again/ The top of the purse has a zip closure. Thanks!!