Pamela Anderson Gets Married in Juicy Couture

Pamela Anderson married Kid Rock for the third time.

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock exchanged vows at the Tootsie's Orchid Lounge in Nashville in the early hours of Thursday morning, surprising patrons and workers alike.

"You guys aren't going to believe what we have next Kid Rock and Pam Anderson are going to get married on stage and we're not even kidding," announced singer Dustin Wilkes to a shocked crowd.

"The place went crazy," reports an onlooker, adding that no one in the club knew that celebrity couple planned to get married that evening Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock both wore white: she was in a Juicy Couture dress, while he wore a 'wife beater' white shirt.

A member of the crowd reports: "They did the regular vows, and when it came to the 'I do' part, he responded: 'Hell yes!' Her response was, 'Unfortunately yes!' and she got a laugh out of that."

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock got married for the first time on board of a luxury yacht in St Tropez, France. Ex-Baywatch star was wearing custom-made mini dress and jewel-encrusted Jimmy Choo sandals.