Yoga fanatics will be pleased to know that Stella McCartney will today reveal the introduction of ‘Gym Yoga’ to her sports range for Adidas.

The partnership between McCartney and Adidas is now in its fifth season, and has continued to grow in popularity with gym junkies and the sporting set alike.

‘I am so proud that this collaboration continues to grow with the introduction of yoga as a new highlight within the gym category,’ said Stella. ‘I am thrilled that each season we are able to merge more and more performance products with style.’

Inspired by ballet and dance, the spring/summer collection features double-layered tank tops with deep necklines, low-waisted skinny trousers and lightweight rubber shoes. In addition to Gym Yoga, McCartney's Tennis line has been designed with a tailored masculine feel.

New ranges will be in stores later this month.