December 6, 2007

Fendi Woven Tote = Supporting American Forests
Ah, the yearly anticipated Holiday season is here. It’s the time for giving and a time for sharing, and right now at Barney’s they have a select stash of designer goodies that when you purchase they will donate a portion to a charity. If only all fashion department stores would jump aboard to support a cause.

Barney’s wants you to have a Green Holiday. This Holiday season Barney’s is supporting American Forests, and hold a commitment to plant 25,000 trees. Which makes you feel a little guilty for chopping down your yearly holiday tree huh? I went plastic this year.

There are only a handful of designer bags, clothes and accessories that were selected in this promotion (check barneys). One of the bags that caught our eye, well besides the Go-Green Goyard St. Louis Shopper Tote, was this silver woven signature double “F” Shopper Tote. Priced at $805 and a portion going to Sustainable Harvest International.

Join the Green Revolution!