November 19, 2007

The Fendi Paillette Spy Bag
Every season since the birth of the Spy Bag a couple years ago, Fendi has time-and-time again reintroduced this (once called) “It Bag” only with a new dressing, and every season there is just one new design that leaves me questioning, "who would buy such a bag?". The new loud design of the Fendi Spy handbag is decorated with a random collection multicolored leather paillettes channeling down the front and rear of the classic soft peddle-grained leather Fendi Spy bag. The rest of the design is pretty much the same as all the other Spy bags with the braided leather shoulder straps with thorn-like knots, hidden mirrored compartment in loop of flap closure, secret coin purse inside flap, signature zucca jacquard lining, flat bottom, and finished off with the logo-engraved silver metal hardware. Only difference is that the price of this new Paillette Purse is going to set you back almost triple of what the traditional Spy would – retails for a whopping $4,890

Discover the Fendi Paillette Spy Designer Bag
Price: $4,890