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    Default New: Dooney and Bouke Annalisa Leather Purse Collection

    eBelle5 the bag blog post

    Dooney and Bouke Annalisa Leather Collection

    I can't believe I am actually cheering for Dooney right now. Looks like the design team over at Dooney are attempting to re-expand their target market. For the last 2 years Dooney and Bourke has been hit the teen-fashionista's with the introduction of the Doodle, Star, It, Tattoo and Bubble bag Collections. They have kind been of forgetting about all of the young adults / adults who like simple collections and not cartoon figures.

    So if you have been waiting for the day that Dooney introduces a classic looking collection, it's finally here, the reasonably priced Dooney and Bouke Annalisa Leather Collection.

    Dooney and Bouke Annalisa Leather Collection
    Above: WTF! Okay I know the last paragraph I was excited for this new line, now, after seeing this horrific picture I'm closing my browser. Seriously though, what's up with her face? Instead of having some crazy looking bag they had to make the person in their ad look messed up.

    Availabiltiy of the Dooney and Bouke Annalisa Leather Collection:
    - Small Lock Sac (L 8.5" x W 4" x H 7") retails for $225.00
    - Medium Lock Sac (L 10.5" x W 4.25" x H 8") retails for $275.00
    - Large Lock Sac (L 12.5" x W 5.5" x H 9") retails for $325.00

    The bags are produced in (fabulous) Beige, Black, Brown T-Moro, Camel, Marine, and Red.

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    Default Re: New: Dooney and Bouke Annalisa Leather Collection

    Ha... your right... Are those chicken feathers??? Anyways, I like that blue color... and yay for Dooney, they kicked it up a notch!

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