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    Default Authentic Dooney purse, but without the right charm/tag?

    I just bought an adorable small tassel tote, but noticed after leaving the store that the little leather and metal charm does not match the rest of the purse. It's an olive denim signature tote with light tan leather and maroon sealing on the leather. I looked online for what was supposed to be on the bag, and what I found was a bag like mine on ebay, but with a blue duck charm with light tan leather and maroon sealing, not a pink heart with blue sealing. I just love the bag and wouldn't think of returning it, but I would like everything to match, obviously. I bought it at TJ Maxx, for what it's worth. Is there any way I could maybe buy another tag from Dooney? Or am I resigned to simply scrounging ebay for one? Any ideas or other forms of help is appreciated.
    Here's the link to the one bag on ebay. NWT Dooney Bourke Signature TASSEL TOTE Bag Purse DENIM - eBay (item 300311563311 end time May-29-09 14:53:27 PDT)
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    Default Re: Authentic DB purse, but without the right charm/tag?

    Just go back to TJ Maxx and ask them if you can switch the charm out. Things like that happen in those types of stores all the time. People decide they don't like a charm on a bag and do a switch-a-roo. Maybe you can find another Dooney bag there and do the same thing. I remember buying a Coach bag one time at a Marshalls and the hang tag was missing. I went back and they let me have one off another bag.

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