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    Default Help! My patent leather Coach bag is peeling!

    I bought a black patent leather Coach Poppy Starlet handbag, that I absolutely love, from thredUP about a month ago. I don't usually buy pre-owned handbags, but I wanted this bag in particular and the only way to buy it was pre-owned because it's discontinued. The other reason I went ahead and bought it even though it was pre-owned was because the bag was in excellent, like new condition with no signs of wear. When I received the handbag from thredUp it looked just as good in person as it did in the pictures on thredUP's website, no flaws at all. I've had the bag for about a month now and a few days ago I noticed that the leather is starting to peel in a couple of areas. I'm so disappointed! I'm a single mom and I don't have alot of money to spend on myself so when I buy a handbag I do a ton of shopping and research first because it may be a year or more before I can buy another one. I must have looked at 1000 Coach bags over a period of about 3 weeks before I made my decision to buy this one and to have the leather start peeling after only owning the bag for a month is extremely upsetting. I got in touch with Coach customer service about getting the bag repaired and they said they couldn't say for sure without seeing the bag, but more than likely there's nothing the repair department can do because they don't repair peeling leather. They also said that typically if a bag can't be repaired and is 1 year old and under they replace the bag or give you full credit towards another bag, but if it's more than 1 year old and can't be repaired there's nothing more they can do to help you. So I'm guessing because Coach doesn't repair peeling leather and because my handbag is more than 1 year old Coach won't help me. Does anyone know how to fix peeling leather or how to keep it from peeling anymore? I'm trying to find out how to keep the peeling area from getting worse or bigger in addition to finding out how to fix the area that has already peeled off. Or does anyone have advice on anything else I can do?
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