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    Default Need Info on This Vintage Coach "Chester" Bag.

    Hello everyone! I need some help getting details on a vintage Coach bag. The Serial number is A4C-9901. I cannot find any details on this bag other than eBay listings. I would like to know, if possible, the year it was manufactured, the original retail, and possibly the value of this bag. It is one that states, "MADE IN THE UNITED STATES." It also has the original Coach wording on the creed, "THIS IS A COACH BAG. IT IS MADE OUT OF A COMPLETELY NATURAL GLOVE-TANNED COWHIDE. THE SCARS, SCRATCHES, VIENS, AND WRINKLES ARE NATURAL MARKINGS CHARACTERISTIC OF FULL-GRAIN LEATHERS." I believe the name of the bag is Chester.

    Please, if you know anything about this bag, let me know.


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    Default Re: Need Info on This Vintage Coach "Chester" Bag.

    It's a Chester Bag from 1994.

    I don't have the original price. As for what it's worth, as boysRsmelly said in other posts, it's worth what someone is willing to pay for it. No can can put a value on older bags except a buyer. Check Ebay for previous sales of that style.

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