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    Default Can anyone tell me if this bag was ever at the outlet?

    And, if so, how much would it have sold for at it's lowest? I just love it. I love the lavender interior and the patent leather mixed with the sateen, but I do not want to overpay.

    Okay, I had a link in here but it will not let me post it until I have posted ten times. It is a Coach Madison Boxed Op Art Carryall on ebay. Item# 160632149141

    Right now it is a low price, but I know it will go up as the auction nears end. I messaged the seller about giving me a buy it now price but they were not interested. Thanks for any help you can give me with this.

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    Default Re: Can anyone tell me if this bag was ever at the outlet?

    I did a completed listing search for the style number. One showed up, it sold for $230. As far as I know, this bag wasn't made for the outlets. That doesn't mean they weren't sold there though since previous season stuff sometimes ends up at the outlets anyway.
    Here's what I'm guessing. It was probably tagged for $100 off, which would make it $298 if it was $398 originally like the seller says. The outlets often have sales for an additional 30% or 40% off. Hopefully that helps.

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