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    Question Need help identifying and finding Coach Bag

    Hi All,

    I was in Nordstrom Rack last week and waiting in a long line to check out. The girl in front of me had the cutest Coach bag, but I was too embarassed (and frustrated by the line) to ask her what style it was. I'm wondering if I try to describe it to you, if you could come up with the style name? I want to search for it on Ebay.

    Here's what I know or think:

    • I'm guessing that it came out two or three seasons ago
    • it was a very, very light tan or natural
    • it was untextured. Very smooth.
    • It was leather
    • One solid color (very light tan or natural)
    • It was large, maybe a hobo or possibly tote
    • It had silver/nickle buckles (4) where each end of the two straps met the body of the bag
    • It had white stitching
    • it was kind of rounded (meaning not like a hard, square tote)
    • The straps were short and wide

    The closest thing I've seen online to the bag I like is called "Coach Leather East West Duffle Hobo 15065 - Camel", but its the smaller version of the one I'm talking about, so maybe it was in the same line as the large one I saw? The system won't allow me to attach a link because I'm new, but if you Google what I have in quotes it will take you to the picture of the smaller bag.

    Does this ring any bells for anyone? If so, do you know the style name so I can search for one? Also, is there a place online where you can view older styles of Coach bags (say like in catalog form)?


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    Default Re: Need help identifying and finding Coach Bag

    There was a larger size that looks like this.

    The style number is 15064 and it looks like it came in a bunch of different colors.

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