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    Default can anyone help me find a picture of a Coach bagfrom Hong Kong PLEASE

    When I went to Hong Kong during winter break, I went to this Coach store and saw a bag. I am deeply in love with it. I am trying to find a picture of it to show to my friend, so I can ask her to buy it for me in Hong Kong.

    I am not very good at decribing bags so please bear with me...

    it's a large retangular leather bag (size of a safeway paper bag). It's dark blue and with some huge Cs (one or two I believe )in lightblue... it's around $4000 HKD, that is around 500 USD...

    I went during mid Dec 2009 and the salesperson told me that bag just came out few days ago...

    That bag looks nothing like a regular coach bag, it somehow looks like a Chanel bag instead...

    Please can anyone help me out??? I would really appreicate it

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    Default Re: can anyone help me find a picture of a Coach bagfrom Hong Kong PLEASE

    Was it the new op art print with the large round C's?

    Like this?
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