Today I went in to the Coach Outlet store by my house.
I was looking around and I saw that they had some of the "Newer Charms" In (for those who don't know Coach changed all the colors of letter charms and added a few others such as the money sign, the pig, a moon, Ect....

Well I was all happy when I saw the Clover charm, I have been meaning to buy this but I never had the time. Anyways I bought it and came home to realize that mine is Orange, Gold, and neon green

The one they have one the site is Yellow, orange and Gold.

Odd right? Well as most of you know, I am obsessed with Coach and a few months ago, I realized that the Smiley Charm (Happy face) did not have White in its eyes and now it does. (In one of the fall catalogs)

So did Coach decide to re-do some of there charms, and sell the ones that they messed up on at outlets?

I am going to call Coach tomorrow to find out, thought this was interesting so I had to share