Date Added: Februrary 1, 2006

Limited Edition 2006 Chloe Python Silverado
So I have been getting many email requests from all you purse lovers asking me to check on authenticity for a designer bag on an auction site. Also suggestions for me to start 'eBay item of the week', personally I love the idea, and this is the ultimate bag and accessory blog, therefore why not. So here is the first of many to come, 'Wednesday eBay Item of the Week!' (Read more on my responses to e-mails and updates) Keep in mind I'm posting accessories, whether it is authentic, fake, replica, pretty, ugly it's up to you to decide and determine authenticity.

Shopping on eBay can be a good experience or a bad one, whatever you decide remember to do your own research to get familiar with how to spot a fake. With that said, I can not guarantee authenticity on this limited edition 2006 Chloe Python Silverado, but Mypoupette does.

So about the Chloe Python, at this moment in time the bid is up to $189 with a lengthy 7 days left open for bidding. This stunning limited edition Silverado is from the winter 2006 collection and will be gone soon, possibly for ever.

Happy Bidding!