Does this duffle shaped handbag look familiar to you? If not, it’ll be the distinguishable padlock that’ll give this bags designer name away. In case you’re still stumped, this is a fresh top handle design by the House of Chloé. The Chloé Paddington is one of those past “It” bag that we can’t really see making a comeback anytime soon, but the Aurore Top Handle leather bag looks like a classier improvement to the Paddington that can withstand the time of fashion.

For one, we have a far more comfortable piece here. With a simple alteration of the oversized metal padlock to the more fun-sized version that’s found on this satchel, Chloé not only conserves its consumers from back problems or injuries to the crook of the arm, but also allows this investment to be a reasonable fit for everyday wear. Smooth leather with a few amounts of metal accents keeps this look minimal yet eye-catching.

This structured satchel bears a top zipper design that runs all the way down from both ends, permitting a wide opening to its cotton interior lining. It reminds me a bit of Louis Vuitton’s iconic Speedy bag, perhaps this is Chloé version of what a classic satchel should look like.

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posted by deysa
So gorgeous. I'm obsessing over this bag right now..