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Date Added: June 14, 2006, 2006

Wednesday eBay Item of the Week!
The weather has been so weird today. When I woke up it was dark and raining, then late afternoon it was warm and sunny, early evening it was windy and cold, and now the weather is calm but cold. While watching t.v. the 'Cingular raising the bar' commercial came on - the one where they brag about having the best signal strength and coverage. Well, I have Cingular and I have noticed that when the weather is crappy (cloudy and windy) I get horrible reception ? which is basically all the time because I live in Seattle. I also get horrible reception in my building, but that could be because I?m so high up. Anyway, I can?t live without my cell phone, much like everyone I know. So when browsing eBay I spotted this cute Chanel accessory and it got me thinking - I have a cover for my ipod, nano, and dell axim but nothing for my cell. I would love to dress up my cell in this little Chanel holder.

About the Designer Bag: A brand new Chanel cell phone wristlet. This Chanel accessory was never used but does have some light scratches from being handled in the store. This glamorous little designer accessory comes with the Chanel boutique box and authenticity card. Dimensions are 5? x 11.5? with a 11.5? strap, including the clasp.

About the Seller: Mnshopgirl32 has sold 715 authentic designer items and still maintains 100% feedback. This seller is also part of the 'my poupette no fakes' recommended sellers list and an eBay trusted seller. If you don?t like this Chanel cell phone holder then check out this sellers other item up for auction, it?s the Dooney and Bourke SM Cabriolet Satchel in black.