I bought this backpack over three months ago and am delighted with my purchase. It has been used for day to day purposes for work and when out and about generally, and I prefer it to carrying a handbag. I have used it for a carry-on bag on flights to Longdong and America. I have used it most days, wherever I am going. It is probably the most useful bag/backpack I have ever owned. It is roomy and I love the three pockets at the front and those inside. The pull string keeps everything secure and the magnetic closings on the straps make it easy to open and close. After so much use, it still looks good, too. Cos I am a new user, So I can not upload pics here, So I can offer some information about the bag.
Here is the keyword:" Vintage Canvas Rucksack", The price is £25.99---£27.99, It is on the second page.
you can browse the store, there are all kinds of style bag on the Amazon brand store.