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    Default Botkier Lita Pleated Soft Hobo

    I tend to sort-of be picky when it comes to materials. When a fabric named nylon comes to mind, I canít really say that Iím a fan. If nylon isnít done right, it tends to make whatever substance look cheap. Do any of you ladies agree? Once in a while, I do run into a nylon bag that will grab my attention, and today, I spotted this one. Meet the Lita Pleated Soft Hobo by Botkier. This bags most obvious feature is its color. I tend to stay away from black nylon (unless something on the bag is appealing, of course), but when it comes to colorful nylon, well thatís a different story. It must be the grouping of fuchsia nylon and the goldish-tan lambskin leather outline that caught my attention. Itís a great combination, and say the leather was absent, I donít think I would hold the same opinion towards this Botkier. I like this hoboís curved silhouette, and its pleated nylon body gives off an excellent appearance to the hobo. A convenience found on Botkierís Lita is a zipper gusset found along the entire bags bottom, which allows you to decide whether you want more compact space or extra room within this bag. So what do you ladies think about this Botkier, do you like it, or dislike it?

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    Default Re: Botkier Lita Pleated Soft Hobo

    I'm really digging this bag (in the all leather version) Its got such a unique silhouette and I love that big buckle. The only thing that stopped me from buying the bag was after looking at it practical terms, I could see that the carrying space of the bag would be limited given the "dipping" of the shape in the middle. So while its a big bag, I dont think it would be able to carry magazines or files or anything like that, which kind of bothered me.

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