Obsessed with the Ava!!!!!

I have a secret obsession, well maybe not so secret, with black handbags that feature golden hardware. I even buy shoes that have the same pattern so I can match them with my handbags more easily.

Iím currently drooling over the Botkier ďAvaĒ. Not only does is have black leather and gold hardware but it also is pretty unique looking. From the shoulder chain, to the zipper closures, all the way to the shape/stye of the bag this bag is totally different than any bag Iíve ever seen. It may be different but it sure is a beauty.

What makes this bag so unique in my opinion is the odd mixture of the features. Zipper closures, shoulder chain strap, and studded tassels. Seems like the designer of this bag couldnít decide on which trend to stick with so they decided to combine three different ones. You either see a bag with just chains or covered in studs or features studs, but never all three. Iím personally not complaining because I happen to love each trend!


posted by Marissa