In need of some new tweezs? Japonesque just introduced this Fruit Pattern slant. Here's the info:

Need a daily dose of vitamin C? Japonesque, a leading personal care manufacturer and prestige brand preferred by celebrated makeup artists and beauty professionals worldwide, introduces its Fruit Patterned Artisan Slant Tweezer.

Precision-crafted* for perfect balance and alignment, these stylish new tweezers are the ideal choice for eliminating stray hairs. Featuring a colorful menagerie of delightful fruits designs and made of brushed stainless steel, the Fruit Tweezer is finished with a deep, rich enamel coating for a great in-hand feel.

Constructed with a hand-filed precision tip, each Japonesque Tweezer is designed for flawless extraction and expert hair removal. Use tweezer point for smaller hairs, while the slanted side is ideal for general tweezing. Either way, the end result is perfectly groomed brows.

Other new Patterned Artisan Tweezers include Multi-Flower, Jigsaw and Blue Flower patterns.

Each has a suggested retail price of $20 and comes with free reconditioning for the life of the tweezer. For more information, please call 800.955.6662or visit

About Japonesque:
Japonesque Professional Makeup Supplies, Inc., a leading brand among professionals in the film, television and fashion industry was founded in 1984. The company now manufactures more than 200 quality makeup supply products, including brushes, tools, applicators, makeup palettes, organizers, and studio cases. Japonesque also owns the gotta go® travel product line, and is the exclusive North America distributor for Amabilia makeup cases. Headquartered in Pleasanton, California, Japonesque serves both the consumer and professional markets.

* Each tweezer is enameled by hand just outside of Milan, Italy. For patterned tweezers, the enameling is done first on one side and then it is baked in a small oven (much like the size of a microwave with racks). It is then turned over and the process is done on the other side. This takes 24 hours. If the tweezer is to receive a pattern, a hot press pushes a very thin sheet of foil with the pattern printed on it onto the enamel. Again by hand. Once this process is completed, every tweezer tip is hand-finished to make sure it is filed to a precision tip.