Expect Posen's signature scent in a store near you in 2009

Zac Posen will be at the beauty counter beginning in 2009. That's the targeted debut of his signature fragrance, the result of a partnership with Selective Beauty.

Posen is the first U.S. licensee for Selective Beauty, which already has deals with Agent Provocateur and John Galliano.

"The first part of this luxury journey is experimenting with the finest and rarest ingredients in the world, which I've been collecting over the years through my adventures and travels," Posen said in an e-mail to the AP. "The next step is perfecting the proportion and balance of the fragrances that will turn the Zac Posen woman on and make her a star. The heart notes will be established and approved by the many inspirational women around me."

He added: "Next, we will develop different applications of irresistible scents accentuate a woman's beauty ritual."

Sylvie Ganter, president of Selective Beauty US, says that the company pursued Posen after months of researching and consulting retailers to identify a brand that was synonymous with "modern luxury."

"The response was recurrent and unanimous: Zac Posen. He is our dream partner."