Hello girls I just purchased this
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I got a very good deal on it, it retails for $45 and after a promotional coupon I was given it came to 15$ and after shipping it was 24$.

I have always admired Caron perfumes since I came across this compact picture Caron+Photos+003.jpg (image)

The rest are here Caron Paris: So This is Heaven |A Beautyful Sentiment

This is the one I purchased Caron+Photos+001.jpg (image)

I adore fancy compacts like this and I am kind of collecting them for to wear for events or evenings. They look so nice on the vanity and for some reason make me feel more beautiful for just owning it.

My question for you is ....

are you familiar with Caron cosmetics and perfumes? I bought this because I love the store and I felt this was a very good bargain, that just could not wait. Do you think this was a good purchase? Can you girls tell me about what I bought because I don't think I really know. What did you buy from them if you have? Is anyone dieing to purchase this that has already purchased it? SPILL everything you know girls!!!!!!!!