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    Default Authentic Balenciaga Reference Pics

    Hi, ladies. I thought it would be helpful to compile photos of authentic (and fake) bbags to use as a reference for authentication. This will help potential buyers in identifying the aspects of a bag most likely "faked".

    I've started with a few pics of a Balenciaga Motorcycle line's hardware.

    ------hardware located at both bottom corners. An authentic bag should have buckles that have rounded corners with the top and bottom sides slightly thicker than the sides. All the sides have smoothed edges. A fake buckle usually has "squared" edges or thick side edges (see photos below). Many times the buckles on a fake bag are placed up against the studs and not slightly separated as in the photo of the correct buckle below.

    Rivet-------hardware located behind the studs on the top handles. The rivets on an authentic bag have notches that are clearly straight and indenting the rivet. Fake bags usually have notches that resemble the letter "C" or look like half-moons or semi-circles (I'll post a pic of one as soon as I come across it).

    Bales------bales are the hardware on the straps that attach are directly at the end of the leather. The bales on an authentic bag are rounded (NEVER SQUARE OR SQUARISH). The clip that attaches to the bag has a slightly rounded, smooth curve to it (I'll post additional pics of authentic bales as they become available). Once you see enough of the "fake" bales, you'll be able to spot them with relative ease.

    I'll add other aspects of bags soon (leather variations, tags, etc). Hope this helps out when scouring through eBay.

    Balenciaga authentication pics.JPG

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    Default Re: Authentic Balenciaga Reference Pics

    oh cool. thanks for the information!

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