Can anyone help a guy out?

I have to go to Milan for work this week and I really want to get something special for my gf, but I am back and forth as to what I should get. I can probably spent $500-$600 tops. She is the best and really deserves a nice gift.

A little background - She is a lover of bags, but doesn't buy the awesome $1500-$2000 bags most of the top designers sell. She does like them, watches a bunch of fashion shows (Project Runway, Styled to Rock etc.), reads InStyle, likes celeb gossip (not excessively), but also thinks that kind of money would be better spent on a trip etc. At the end of last year, I caught her gushing over a Covert Green MBMJ Katie Day Box bag on ShopBop and managed to find her one as a surprise (because it was sold out most places) and she loves it...carries it everywhere.

OK. First of all, she definitely doesn't expect anything at all, but c'mon....I'm going to Milan. I would be an idiot boyfriend not to be thinking of her and getting at least something. So, can't afford a bag, but I have been thinking wallet and I have been thinking Balenciaga Giant Gold in black and still having a heck of a time deciding between the continental zip style or the money one. People talk up the money one a lot, but she currently has a LV wallet that is sort of off white with gray, maybe black, lines (tic tac toe style) that is a continental style. She did say she also has a black Roots (we live in Canada) wallet she bought awhile back for a black bag she owns (when I gently probed about the subject).

My reasons for the Bal wallet were just that:

She remarks about how nice the leather is on her MBMJ bag and I heard Bal wallets have awesome leather
She likes shiny stuff and the gold is a bit flashy
She considers herself edgy even though I would say that bag and her style is not soooo edgy (but if she thinks it that's what matters right??)
She likes gold as she loves her new gold iphone 5 and waited awhile to get that one.
The top flap on the Katie Bracelet bag is black leather so it might still work with the current bag
It is made in Italy (so fitting to bring it back as opposed to a matching Katie Bracelet MBMJ wallet made in China)
She obviously has other black bags that made her buy a black wallet before (apparently she has a bunch of bags in some closet, but I unfortunately didn't notice them before this MBMJ thing started - I will now!!)

And the big one - none of the major high-end stores here in Toronto sell Bal wallets (or much Bal stuff period) whereas you can get most of the designer things at Holt Renfrew. This makes it something I would have had to go to Milan to get (ok ok or NY or Las Vegas etc..) That was my very first thing to look into -- what would be something special to get from there that would have to be ordered online from here. I have checked almost every other designer to see who was readily available here. I really was hoping for someone upcoming and cool like MSGM, but I couldn't find anything in the right price range to get and my head is really up my butt with most of this stuff.

Her friends are no help in this. My friends are definitely no help in this. So my questions are:

1. How stupid is it to try and guess about whether she would like it? She is likely to feel bad about returning it for credit or to get something else, but I am not buying this for some 'thought that counts' brownie points....I want to get her something she likes! If I ask her, she will not let me buy her anything...
2. Does anyone think I should consider getting something else? Another item besides a wallet? A different wallet? I am not tied to anything...
3. If a wallet, go with the zip one? Wish I could see her others to gauge whether they are all continental.
4. I saw some thread with celebs and their wallets and no one in 20 pages had a Bal one. Worrisome for a dude who knows little....
4. I have until Saturday December 7 to figure this out....any help by people who know this stuff would be so greatly appreciated. What would you do in my situation?