I just recieved the new contest item in the mail - I am very excitted! Sponsored by AW_CREATIONS

This is a secret until I post about it in eBelle5. So all you in here in tBF get to hear about it first. I think I will post it Sept 1st. Not sure yet what the contest will be.

Long Gold Tone Necklace Adorned with light Green Synthetic Quartz :wub:


- synthetic quartz pendant (glass-like material not plastic) measures 30mm x 40mm
- color: light pastel green
- gold color chain measures 25.5" inches long and 4mm wide

To view other her other items check out her shop on eBay

*ps I cant spell, very true. Thank you new member runwithzizors for pointing out that it is "hear" not "here".
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