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Thread: Seller Updates!

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    Post Seller Updates!

    Seller Update: Overview
    We're taking steps to give sellers the most dynamic marketplace on the Internet with reduced upfront cost and more sales through great exposure for your listings and a more consistent buyer experience.

    1. Reduced upfront fees for Fixed Price: List multi-quantity items up to 30 days for one low fee
    We're dramatically reducing the upfront cost to list an item at fixed price on eBay.
    * 35˘ Fixed Price Insertion Fee
    - Regardless of item price or quantity
    - New 30-day duration and automatic renewal (Good 'Til Cancelled) options
    * 15˘ Fixed Price Insertion Fees for Books, Movies & DVDs, Music, and Video Games; 5˘ holiday special for some listings
    * FREE Insertion Fees for your first four vehicle listings
    * Lower Final Value Fees in certain electronics categories
    * Auction-style still the best deal on eBay—no change in basic fees

    2. A more consistent buyer experience to drive more sales
    Sellers will enjoy the benefit of millions of confident buyers as we make the following changes:
    * Limits on shipping and handling charges in some categories
    * Rewards for free shipping:
    - Free subtitle; more search exposure
    - Double PowerSeller discounts
    * Checks and money orders no longer allowed
    * New seller standards: minimum 4.3 on all DSRs

    3. More relevant search results to drive more sales
    We're optimizing Best Match to surface the inventory most relevant to each buyer and show the best of Auction-style and Fixed Price.
    * Recent sales a new factor for Fixed Price
    * Time ending soonest still key in Auctions

    * See Best Practices and the Seller Checklist for information about how these changes affect you.
    * Participate in—or view the archives of—one of several webinars August 20-26.
    * Learn more from other sellers and eBay staff on the 8/20 Announcement Discussion forum.

    Just got this message from eBay.

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    Default Re: Seller Updates!

    That's good to know. I am going to be selling a bunch of stuff on there!!

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    Default Re: Seller Updates!

    Thanks for posting Jess!

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