Hi, I recently received a "New Without Tags" Louis Vuitton Delightful GM I had purchased from a member of Ebay. This is not my first LV bag, but it is my first bag not bought new directly from LV. The stitching on the bag is consistent with hand sewn as is the pattern, all lettering on the brass is quality and consistent. The stamps match showing the bag was made in France and the bag is in pristine condition as is the dust bag included. I was hesitant to buy the bag because the seller listed that bag as having received it as a "gift" and said "no returns." Sometimes those two things listed by a seller are flags there could be a problem; however obviously I took the chance and bought it. I'm not new to buying other items off Ebay.

Here is my concern. The Seller did present a picture showing the date code in a picture. Yet after reading some other posts on the authenticity of the date code, I'm confused. My bags code is VI4122. How does one read this code. France April 12, 2012? I see some people refer to the bag being made in the (example) 41st week of 2008 if the bag is VI4108. However, to read it like this would mean mine was made in 2022 which of course isn't possible. Is this a fake code? Am I reading it correctly as France April 12, 2012? I've inspected this bag from one end to the other and compared it with my other bags I can find nothing wrong with it as far as the quality and consistency in keeping with LV. The only other issue is a slight chemical smell.

Someone knowledgeable please respond as quickly as possible. I have to come to a decision about keeping the bag or putting in a resolution request on Ebay. This was a pricey bag because it's size has been discontinued and I need to move quickly if necessary.

Thank you so much for your time.