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Natalie Thakur Reusable Stripy Bag
Sick of waiting for the Anya Hindmarch Environmental “I am not a Plastic Bag” Shopping Bag to be available or don’t want to pay the hefty marked-up price tag (or get stuck with a fake one) on eBay. Then check out the Natalie Thakur Reusable Stripy Bag. Not a high-end wellknown designer, but hey, its all for the same cause right – kill the plastic bag trend.

Created by Natalie Thakur, each Striping Carrier bag is handcrafted in the shape of a grocery bag - but looks so much more stylish than a plastic bag. Available only in the striping pattern of Blue on White and Red on White. Also each collection is made in limited quantities and marked with an individual number.

To purchase the Natalie Thakur Reusable Stripy Bag visit her site or email her at info@natthakur.com

side note: If your shopping trend is similar to mine and you wait until your fridge and cupboards are empty, and you find your self eating out a lot just because you are too lazy to go to the grocery store, then this “Environmental Reusable Go-Green Stop Using Plastic Bags” idea doesn’t really work to well. On most occasions I’m not just going to walk to the Grocers and get only a bags worth of items - my car is usually packed when I leave the store. Unless I walk down to the market and only pick up a few veggies - if that's the case then I will use one.

Instead of using a reusable bag, when I do go to the grocery store nowadays I have converted from plastic bags to paper bags and recycle. Or I go stock up at Costco where they reuse boxes to pack your grocery items.