How to get into the Market Place
Minimum requirement to be considered for the market place is at least 500 posts, and be an active member for 5 months.
"active member" will be based on the unanimous decision of the Moderators (ie. don't sign up, disappear, then reappear 5 months later and post 500 times in 1 day)

To get into the market place you must be invited in. Invites are given out only by the Moderators (ZombieGirl, VivaLaJuicy, BoysRsmelly, and Jennifer).
Removed from the Market Place
If you receive 2 or more complaints about not paying, you will be removed from the Market Place completely. If someone has not paid you for an item, pm me or one of the mod's.

Or if the Mod's + Admin feel you are not a fit in the market place you will be removed.

If you disappear from TBF completely or have not been active for 3 months, you will be removed.
Listing Information
Images: Must be placed in your listing upon posting. All listings without images will be removed.

Information & Authenticity: Post the most accurate information in your listing. Including price, measurements, etc. If you are caught selling a replica item, you will be removed from The Bag Forum completely.
Selling Information
Holding an Item: It is completely up to the seller if they wish to hold the item. However we do not recommend it, and if you have 2 or more complaints about not paying or ignoring the seller after asking to place on hold. Then you will be removed from the market place..

Payment: For your own security, do not exchange credit card information through pm's or emails.
Archive Room
Is where items end up after the transaction is complete.

If your item appears to have no bites after 7 months, it will be moved to the Archive room.
Sorry for the tough rules guys. The market place is a privilege and we want only active / trustworthy members in the marketplace.