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The responsibilities of a The Bag Forum (tBF) Member
  • Be nice. Profanity or any slanderous hurtful remarks are not tolerated. Diverse thoughts and opinions are wanted and if you disagree with a comment do not attack the person, be considerate. Also name calling of other members is absolutely not tolerated here and may result in being banned.
  • Do not bring other forum drama here. This is a argument-free forum. Your posts will be deleted.
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The following is not permitted and may result in a warnings, suspension or a permanent ban
  • Each member is permitted only one account. You may not have multiple accounts. If you forgot about an existing account and you would like for them to be merged, please pm Jennifer.
  • Absolutely no advertisements, chain letters, spam or related materials. If the Admin (or Mod's) gets the impression that you only joined to promote your product then you may be banned.
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  • Profanity and coarse language is prohibited.
  • Discussion of pornography, drugs, etc is not permitted.

*Please note: warnings, suspension and banning will take place if members fail to follow tBF community policies. You will first receive a verbal warning, just as a reminder to read through rules. The banning policy is 2 warnings and the 3rd will result in banning. Warnings active for 60 days, banning can be anywhere from 30 day to permit. The 2nd warning will result in being removed from the market place.

Any questions about the rules please do not hesitate to email Admin Jennifer or any of the moderators.

The Rules and Regulations may be updated whenever I feel necessary. It is the userís responsibility to keep updated.

Before posting, please consider the following:
  • It is very important that you, the member provide a reliable source for the information that you provide. All information submitted to The Bag Forum must be linked to a credible source. This includes articles, pictures, stories, etc., which must be linked to a magazine, newspaper, agency, etc. Journalists and photographers deserve acknowledgment for their work. Exception to this would be unfounded information, like rumors or hearsay. The Bag Forum is dedicated to bring you the most up to date accurate information. So in accommodation with other readers, it is essential that all information quoted from the web or article contains a link to that credible source.
  • Make sure that when you post a topic that it is under the correct thread or that the thread is not pre-existing.


  • Please do not type in all caps. It's just plain annoying.
  • If you insert an advertising link at the bottom of your posts, they will all be deleted without asking. We just don't have time to go through and correct all your posts.
  • English only please.


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  • Advertising links are not allowed.

Should not be an offensive or graphic image of a sexual or crass nature.

Ads on this Site
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If you come across any posts that you do not feel meet the criteria for tBF, then please send the admin or one of the moderators an email or Private Message (PM)