Hi everyone,

I posted yesterday, not realising that you were not allowed to post about items for sale in a forum, so I apologise! I am new to the world of forums and learning.

Anyway, I was hoping that I could have some advice off fellow handbag fanatics.

In the Outnet Alexander Wang flash sale last week I bought a gorgeous Diego in patent black leather with brass studs. I know patent in one of those funny things that divides opinion, but I have always been a fan. Anyway, no sooner had I cut the tag off, the plain black Diego with silver studs came back in stock as a single returned item. I managed to buy it, but find myself with two Diegos and I am unsure which to keep.

1) I have always wanted a black one with silver studs, but that is the boring one that everyone has and is highly replicated.
2) BUT The patent one is more unusual and therefore less replicated.

It will be far easier to keep the patent one since I can no longer return that having been an idiot and removed the tag. If I decided to keep the plain black one it would involve having to sell the patent one of my own back rather than return the item to the Outnet. This could be more faff than it is worth.

Does anyone have an opinion on this? I would love to know what you think :o) This is my first Diego, so I really want to make a decision that I won’t regret.

Thanks :o)